LG-Caltex Oil Corporation Selects Interwoven

Oct 03, 2003

Interwoven, Inc., a provider of content management for the enterprise, has announced that LG-Caltex Oil Corporation has selected the Interwoven content management platform to develop and manage their multiple Web sites spanning local and international business units. Established in 1967 as a joint venture between LG Group and Caltex Corporation, LG-Caltex Oil Corporation is a petroleum refining company in Asia, and a producer of petrochemical products. LG-Caltex Oil's principal business activities consist of petroleum refining and marketing, production of petrochemicals, including paraxylene, benzene, toluene, and polypropylene, and the blending of lubricant oils.

When the installation is completed, LG-Caltex Oil Corporation's content management capabilities will consist of Interwoven TeamSite content server software and Interwoven OpenDeploy distribution server software to integrate and manage seven Web sites spanning its various business units locally and internationally. The implementation will handle both Korean and English languages, linking its partners (dealers), lubricants, PolyPropylene, and Sigma 6 business units currently managed by LG-Caltex Oil.

The new Interwoven platform will also allow several teams of developers and content designers to collaborate with one another, allowing for simple content design and publication by using shared templates. With Interwoven, LG-Caltex Oil expects to be able to reduce costs related to hardware and increase efficiency of its management operations, ultimately enabling the company to consolidate several units of development and test servers for building seven Websites into just one Interwoven TeamSite server.