LAS, ClearForest Announce Strategic Partnership

Sep 19, 2003

ClearForest has announced a partnership with Language Analysis Systems (LAS), a provider of name recognition software, that will integrate the LAS multi-cultural name-recognition capabilities into ClearForest's content tagging and analysis software. The partnership is intended to help customers identify and normalize names across different languages, based upon a set of cultural-based rules that understand name variations.

The ClearForest software uncovers connections between raw data, numbers, facts, news items, databases and other data buried deep within documents. ClearForest's intelligence applications then integrate the tagged content and deliver visual, interactive summaries designed to allow users rapid and valuable insights into intelligence. By integrating the LAS name-recognition capabilities into the ClearForest premium solutions, governmental agencies and enterprises will now be able to recognize culture-driven name variations, such as nicknames, titles, and variations due to transliterations from foreign scripts, allowing for more comprehensive analysis of information worldwide. Initial support will include 16 cultures, including Anglo, Arabic, Chinese, Hispanic, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Russian/Slavic, West African, and more.

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