KuroBase Launches Scalable, Managed Cloud-based Data Stores for Mobile and Web Developers

Oct 17, 2013

Silicon Valley-based KuroBase, Inc. launched its new Database-as-as-Service (DBaaS), a fully-managed cloud-based data store. This is the first element in the KuroBase Orchestration Platform Architecture, which allows web, game, and mobile app developers to manage and control data stores with scalability. With this release, KuroBase offers a fully managed DBaaS hosting both the industry leading Couchbase NoSQL database and the recently released Couchbase Sync Gateway in the cloud.

In addition, KuroBase and Couchbase have signed a partnership agreement to explore and expand new markets opened up by this combination of products. The first KuroBase offering delivers a fully managed Couchbase database server in the cloud as well as the mobile-enabling Couchbase Sync Gateway, bringing the full Couchbase Server capabilities to all developers. 

KuroBase subscribers simply sign up for an account, and then create a database.  As their data volume grows, the KuroBase system expands to accommodate storage needs while ensuring performance.  Meanwhile, the KuroBase platform handles all administration, failovers, and redundancy for its subscribers so developers can focus on their coding, not on tedious server management.