Kudos Launching New Dissemination Management and Impact Acceleration Services

Feb 13, 2018

Kudos, the service for maximizing the reach and impact of research publications, is launching a new dissemination management toolkit for research groups, university departments, and REF Units of Assessment. Through this new service, research groups will be able to plan, act, and report on a wide range of outreach activities for key outputs and projects, helping build a broad and international audience for their work, and accelerating its impact.

Kudos is offering a limited number of early adopter seats on a six-month preview program, giving early access to features that can be used by research groups to optimize usage, citations, and engagement with policymakers, the media, industry, and educators. The resulting activities and impact evidence will be exportable for university systems and other outcome reporting tools.

Kudos already provides outreach support to over 200,000 individual researchers worldwide, who use Kudos to explain and share profiles of their work (across both specialist academic networks and more generalist social media channels and email) and then to track the resulting impact on a wide range of metrics. Kudos has been working closely with publishers throughout this period to integrate dissemination into the author workflow.

Kudos has also been working with a range of universities over the past two years to provide data on these activities to central impact and communications teams, helping them support and guide researchers in how and where to communicate about their work to improve its performance. This next generation of services from Kudos builds on this experience and momentum with authors at the point of publication, where they are most motivated to undertake outreach.