Kreate Technology Launches RealTIME 2.0

May 02, 2013

Kreate Technology announced the launch of RealTIME Creative Workflow Suite 2.0, a cloud-based production software tool for creative and marketing teams. RealTIME 2.0's integrated modules are designed to accelerate output to various visual campaigns and improve creative teams' quality of work. Developed with mobility in mind, the cloud-based platform allows team members to access and use the system from popular browsers on a wide array of devices, including tablets and smartphones.

RealTIME 2.0 includes the new Approve module along with enhancements to the Build and Manage modules. The Approve module enables collaborative content review and mark up with a structured workflow for asset and layout approval.

Updates to the Build module include a new tool for copy creation and editing within the RealTIME platform. Once copy elements are drafted, they can move through the new Approve module for final review and sign off.

Within the Manage module, a new task grid provides users faster review of open tasks with one-click access to the full details of the associated request. Each module in RealTIME 2.0 can be used either as a standalone solution or integrated with additional modules for a creative workflow.