Koral Content Collaboration Solution Available on AppExchange

Oct 12, 2006

Koral, a content collaboration company that leverages software-as-a-service and Web 2.0 concepts, has announced that it is offering a free version of the Koral content management application for salesforce.com customers via AppExchange. Through this integration, Koral enables document management within Salesforce. Koral Basic Edition licenses are free to salesforce.com customers and can be downloaded at the Salesforce website.

Koral is a solution for managing a company's critical information that is spread across documents, emails, web pages, and folders. Koral stores the documents on-line in a centralized repository, allows colleagues to share content, provides search capabilities so users can find exactly what they need, and automatically versions documents so that everyone remains in sync. The new version available integrated with Salesforce allows users to access relevant documents using Koral via a search directly from an account, lead, or opportunity. The document can then be linked to the record for access throughout the sales cycle. Koral extends the Salesforce document management capabilities by enabling users to preview files online and perform a full-text search for documents. Koral also adds a version control system to Salesforce to ensure users are working from the most current version of a document while leaving old versions intact.

(www.koral.com; www.salesforce.com/appexchange)