Kofax Supports Oracle Content Database and Oracle Records Database

Jun 27, 2006

Kofax, an information capture vendor, has announced support for Oracle's content and records management technology products, Oracle Content Database (Oracle Content DB) and Oracle Records Database (Oracle Records DB). The Ascent integration module for Oracle Content DB and Oracle Records DB offers users access to a production capture solution, including automatic document classification, data extraction, and validation for both internet-based distributed capture or centralized environments. The web services based integration enables delivery of documents and meta-data directly into Oracle Content DB and Oracle Records DB.

The offering incorporates advanced records management capabilities that can facilitate regulatory compliance and help reduce the risk and cost associated with legal discovery. Through the integration of Ascent, organizations can collect large volumes of forms and documents, transform them into retrievable electronic information, and then deliver it into their Oracle Database. Ascent manages the document and data capture stage of the content lifecycle, from forms processing to indexing and validation to automatically releasing images, text and data directly to Oracle Content DB.

(www.oracle.com; www.kofax.com)