Kobo Awards First Read On Revolution Grant

Jun 16, 2011

Ereading company Kobo awarded Buena Park High School with 100 new Kobo Touch eReaders, $3,000 in ebooks as well as promotional posters, t-shirts, and program guides to support the school's goal of introducing a digital ereading program into their curriculum. The materials were awarded through the One Trillion Minutes program, a $10 million program launched by Kobo to inspire people to join the 'Read On Revolution' to make a difference with schools and communities in need. The overall goal of the program is to read One Trillion Minutes, and for every 10 million minutes read towards the challenge, Kobo will offer an award to support local reading programs.  

The efforts at Buena Park High School were spearheaded by English teacher Adam DeClercq, who teaches remedial reading for 9th and 10th grade students. DeClercq saw a post about the Read On Revolution on the Kobo Facebook page and encouraged his school to the school community to join the One Trillion Minute Challenge.