KnowledgeBase Releases v4.0

May 11, 2004

KnowledgeBase Solutions Inc., a provider of software for knowledge management, has announced the availability of v4.0., is designed to combine aspects of document and knowledge management with search technology and customizable portals. Upgrades to include: self-learning search engine; remote Web searching and indexing capabilities; enhanced administrator User Interface; new customer facing portal options; .Net module; and new reports (including a Total Cost of Ownership report).

Setting v4.0's self-learning search engine offers proprietary search algorithms to help deliver more accurate search results by weighting the relevancy of results against other successful results returned within the same knowledgebase. Additionally, v4.0 offers remote Web site indexing and searching enabling the data found on a company's corporate Web site or Intranet to be indexed and leveraged to address end user queries within the knowledge base.

Customers now have a new portal presentation choice, bringing the number of skin styles to three in addition to customizable options using APIs and Portal Snap Ins. Additionally, now offers a separate .Net portal module for complete customization and integration capabilities with other .Net applications. Also on the back end, the new UI offers more intuitive icons that facilitate faster navigation and task completion. Several new reports are also available to improve the overall management of, including TCO, External User Article View, enhanced Unanswered Questions, Search Word, and more. The .Net portal module is sold separately and costs $10,000. Pricing for Version 4.0: Enterprise Edition begins at $60,000; Professional Edition, for small and medium businesses, begins at $4,995; and Hosted Edition begins at $200 per month.