KnowNow Releases eLerts

Oct 07, 2005

KnowNow eLerts is a continuous instant notification service that delivers RSS content directly to end-users as it is published. With the new KnowNow eLerts service, users can instantly receive relevant news and content as soon as it is available, without the need to be anchored to a particular site, RSS reader, or aggregator. Subscriptions are created by dragging-and-dropping any RSS or Atom feed onto the eLert Toolbar or Deskbar.

Examples of instant notifications include: sports scores, new real estate availability, stock changes, event tickets as soon as they hit, airline specials, financial market info, newly posted items on auction sites, new job postings, natural disasters, etc. The KnowNow eLert service is provided at no charge for personal use and available for download at the Web site. It will soon be available as a hosted branded service for businesses.