KnowNow Introduces KnowNow 3 Enterprise Edition

Sep 24, 2004

KnowNow Inc., a provider of event-driven integration solutions, has announced the release of KnowNow 3 Enterprise Edition. This technology is designed to solve integration problems in a simple, cost-effective manner using established standards.

KnowNow LiveServer, a component of the product, routes messages, while a suite of KnowNow LiveConnectors enables simple connections for the delivery of data. Other components include: KnowNow LiveBrowser, which enables IT departments to quickly add live data and notification delivery to browser-based applications without refresh, client-side installation or Java Applets; KnowNow LiveSheet, which allows users to share information between multiple spreadsheets on multiple systems; and KnowNow LivePDA, which connects mobile users to event-driven data.