KnowNow Announces KnowNow Live

Jun 22, 2007

KnowNow Inc. has announced KnowNow Live, an application designed to overcome information overload. KnowNow Live is designed to improve user adoption of existing knowledge management systems. The product will be available Q3. KnowNow Live is designed to turn static knowledge management repositories into active systems that alert appropriate individuals when new, relevant information is available. KnowNow connects users with the information directly. The new Web-based user interface incorporates interaction development techniques designed to deliver application in both interaction and content.

KnowNow has also announced a private beta for enterprise users. KnowNow Live is designed to allow for presentation flexibility, persistent content/source monitoring, and multi-channel alerting. Relevant information is given to users by providing inference and relevance through contextualization. KnowNow Live is designed to manage large quantities of information, add alerts to any content source, and provide collaborative functionality to every channel. KnowNow Live is compatible with the Google Gadget format to allow the use of Google Gadgets within the KnowNow Live interface.