KnowNow Announces KnowNow 3 Enterprise Syndication Solution

May 20, 2005

KnowNow Inc., a provider of event-driven integration solutions, has announced the availability of its KnowNow 3 Enterprise Syndication Solution (ESS), a scalable enterprise RSS aggregator that is designed to deliver relevant and actionable communications to desktops without polling or client-side software installation. KnowNow's ESS provides live, automatically updated channels that improve information flow to employees, customers, and business partners.

Unlike typical RSS readers that periodically check feeds for updates and then stores them on the user's local disk drive, KnowNow's ESS continually monitors and delivers feed updates--like a television channel. Information is delivered in a browser as soon as it is received, at or near real-time and there is no client software to install.

The KnowNow 3 Enterprise Syndication Solution combines increased communications capability with improved control. End users enjoy greater information access, but with a more directed focus and with greater accountability for communications. Administrators can also designate certain subscriber channels as "required reading" to ensure that urgent news reaches everyone immediately, or as secure private channels to ensure sensitive information only reaches those that need to know. In addition to feeds for project information, KnowNow 3 Enterprise Syndication Solution also enables, for example, channels to be established for human resources notices, security bulletins, and training updates. And all of these feeds are optimized for rapid reading by SpeedReader, which provides item abstracts along with additional links for ready reference KnowNow 3 ESS with SpeedReader will be available in July.