KnowBe4's Introduces New Vishing Module

Sep 16, 2014

KnowBe4 has announced the release of its automated Voicemail Phishing Security Test module, giving IT Managers the ability to test users on social engineering via the phone. As criminals have expanded their repertoire, moving into new territory with automated voicemail phishing (vishing) attacks, KnowBe4 has countered with a new module loaded with five Kevin Mitnick VST Scenarios that can be used to keep users on their toes with security top of mind.

KnowBe4 customers will be able to upload a CSV file with employee phone numbers, choose a VST template, and start the campaign set-it-and-forget-it, very similar to the existing phishing security test campaigns KnowBe4 currently provides. The new Vishing Security Test (VST) now trains employees against social engineering attacks via the phone on their desk. If an end-user enters data via the telephone keypad in response to the VST, that means a "fail" which can be used as a reason for a short remedial training module.