Knovel Unveils Online Reference for Chemistry and Physics

Jun 03, 2003

Knovel has announced that the Knovel Critical Tables (KCT) now include data for chemistry and physics. Knovel brings together data for physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties and presents it in an interactive format, which adds convenience and productivity by allowing researchers to find the information they need among a wealth of data. Knovel's aim is to make the Knovel Critical Tables (KCT) the ICT of the 21st century by not only offering basic chemical data found in ICT but also including new critical data. Knovel's Web interface is designed to help students to find and verify information faster than traditional research methods. Users manipulate and analyze information with tools like interactive tables, graphs, and equations. Knovel serves students, librarians, scientists, engineers, and technicians, in sectors such as academe, chemical, medical device, pharmaceutical, automotive, insurance, heavy equipment, and aerospace.