Knovel Launches Optics, Photonics Subject Area

Dec 16, 2010

Knovel announced the launch of a new subject area, Optics and Photonics. It includes 78 reference titles from societies and publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, SPIE, Springer, Wiley, and World Scientific. Subtopic areas include the following:

• Biomedical optics
• Communications
• Geometric and physical optics
• Information processing
• Optical materials
• Quantum optics
• Signal and image processing and sensors
• Vision science

The new subject area provides technological background, guidelines, calculations, and best-practice information for engineers developing ways to improve products by incorporating optical systems and components in their designs. Aerospace and defense companies use the technology for heads-up displays, navigation, and targeting systems, and industrial equipment manufacturers incorporate smarter sensing systems and faster data-transmission capabilities into their products.