Kline & Company Chooses ECNext for eCommerce Site

Oct 10, 2003

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for selling and delivering commercial business information via the Web, has announced the launch of business consulting firm Kline & Company's ecommerce site for the sale and distribution of its market research reports. With the launch of Kline & Company's ECNext-powered ecommerce site, business information users on the Web can now purchase and access Kline's complete reports and report segments down to the chapter, section, or even the data table and graph level.

Kline & Company is a business consulting firm providing market research and analysis covering a range of market segments, including agrichemicals/biotech, chemicals and materials, life sciences, consumer products, and petroleum and energy. The company publishes syndicated studies across all of its industry practices. It offers advisory reports that provide access to off-the-shelf information, as well as reports that cover individual markets or analyze special topics.

(http://www.ecnext.com), (http://www.klinegroup.com)