Kindle Update Erases Books for iOS App Users

Feb 28, 2013

We all know the risk you take whenever you agree to a software update, especially when it comes to mobile operating systems. One day you're happily using Google maps and the next day Apple is getting you lost with its inferior mapping system. Well, it seems Kindle app users have something to complain about now. According to reports, yesterday Amazon warned users that there was a glitch in its 3.6.1 update for iOS that could, in a worst case scenario, wipe out the user's library.

First, the update simply came with a message in iTunes warning users not to download it - which is, quite obviously, not a great solution. Later, the update was taken down. There is now 3.6.2 update that says it will fix "various bug and security" issues. Luckily for those who may have downloaded the buggy update, Kindle books for iOS are stored in the cloud, and could be retrieved even if they were erased on the actual device.