KickApps Releases User-Generated Video and Social Networking

Jul 14, 2006

KickApps Corporation, a provider of user-generated content and social networking solution to media, content, and corporate websites, has released user-generated video and social networking functionality on its web pages. It also provides a platform to media brands like reality television shows, cable channels, talk shows, magazines, newspapers, and sports teams.

KickApps addresses the needs of webmasters looking to provide visitors with functionalities found at Web 2.0 portals like MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook. It also provides webmasters with media management, reporting, and administrative tools designed to protect websites from pornography, copyrighted material, and user content that may hurt brands or offend advertisers.

KickApps presents webmasters with technologies that deploy with a cut-and-paste "widget" implementation. Visitors can upload videos, photos, audio files, create personal pages, invite friends, and create instant video blogs.