KickApps Launches Version 2.0

Mar 27, 2007

KickApps Corporation has launched KickApps Version 2.0, a hosted platform designed to add social media experiences to any website. KickApps provides sites of all sizes with a full range of building blocks that include user-generated content, social networking, video players, web cam applications, Widget-building, media/member management, and reporting.

KickApps' modular approach to social media allows user-generated content to be deployed alongside premium content. Additionally, the KickApps Widget engine enables viral syndication of all content. KickApps 2.0 also designed to enhance the platform's administrative capabilities. Media and member management is designed to allow websites to invite user participation without putting their brands and advertisers at risk. Reporting features are designed to allow sites to better serve their users and advertisers. KickApps 2.0 offers three levels of customization. Consumers can use KickApps' preconfigured set of building blocks to create social media-enhanced websites. Developers can create uniquely branded solutions through the platform's component library and reach even higher levels of customization through KickApps' standard APIs.

Specific enhancements to KickApps v2 include: a Premium Player Widget; Video Enabled Message Boards and Private Messaging where members can post text, audio, and video messages on community message boards and in private messages to peers; New Widgets where 25 new Widget options are available, including Forum, Slideshow, 3D Cubes, and a variety of HTML-based List Widgets; a one-click Home Page; Updated Member Profiles and Roles so community members can be designated "editors" to enable them to view and approve media; Webcam Video Upload so members can instantly post videos with no editing skills or software required; and Advanced Tagging and Categories where sites create their own tag and category hierarchy for selective display media and members.