Kentico CMS 2.3 Released

Oct 02, 2007

Kentico software has just released a new version 2.3 of Kentico CMS, a web content management system designed for ASP.NET developers. It comes with new tools for building online communities, including blogs, polls, user contributions, web analytics, and reporting. Together with existing forums, newsletters, image gallery, and online forms modules, Kentico CMS now offers a set of tools for building community-oriented websites. Kentico CMS 2.3 allows community members to create new content through the website front-end without having access to the administration interface. It can be used for community news, wiki, or partner directories where every partner can manage their profile. The new web analytics module enables site owners to track visitors coming from online campaigns and their conversions. The new reporting sub-system allows site owners to get more information about their website content and user activities. It can be used to find expired documents or analyze editor activities. The new blogs module enables publishing enterprise and personal blogs, adding comments, and sharing blog content through RSS subscriptions.