Kentico 10 Released

Dec 01, 2016

Kentico Software, makers of an all-in-one CMS, e-commerce, and online marketing platform, announced Kentico 10. The company’s flagship product features a long list of functional improvements all focused on getting digital marketing jobs done faster and more efficiently.

Kentico has spent months observing the way that digital marketers work and built much of what it has learned into Kentico 10. For example, it says more agile campaign management has been achieved by featuring a single unified control panel from which marketers can design, deploy, and evaluate digital marketing campaigns. In order to deliver a superior customer experience, personalized content must be delivered through multiple channels including phones, tablets, and a growing list of mobile devices. That means that images need to be resized and rendered in numerous resolutions, color profiles, layouts, and viewports. With Kentico 10, the company has introduced responsive image management. After some initial setup, that means you upload images just once and the system automatically adjusts them for various media.

 With Kentico 10, you can gain insights into activities of your customer base across multiple web properties, enabling cross-site lead scoring and contextual marketing projects. Complete view of visitor interactions across all brands is now supported. With the Campaign Journey, it allows marketers to track interactions of visitors with the brand during the sequence of steps in the journey. Flexible campaigns allow marketers to change attributes of the running campaign without concluding the campaign or losing any of the data already collected.

The abundance of data makes it difficult for marketers to make sense of it all. During the development of Kentico 10, the company explored different ways to better glean and share insights to both Kentico and non-Kentico users. That’s why Kentico is leveraging its strategic relationship with Microsoft and offering advanced Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities through the Power BI Email Marketing dashboard.

Users will notice a dramatic 40% faster page load and response time of the Kentico environment. This could mean faster development of digital marketing campaigns and faster deployment of websites. Kentico says this should be of particular appeal to digital marketing agencies, freeing them to take on more work within the same hours. Kentico 10 features a tenfold improvement in scalability, supporting over 100 million contacts and over 1 billion marketing activities.

The ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) says it is the fastest growing developer framework, helping companies to build better performing, more scalable websites. That’s why it was introduced in the last version of the product and is fully implemented in Kentico 10 in both the E-commerce and Online Marketing areas. That means total separation of concerns for all kinds of projects. By using the coupled REST API, Kentico 10 can be used in a variety of use cases as a content repository with the content consumed not only through traditional delivery channels, but also in native mobile apps, and by smart devices and machines to extend the pool of use cases.

One of the challenges that digital agencies face is that every developer has their own instance of the development installation and their own instance of the development base. At the end of the day, they need to share that functionality with the rest of the team. Continuous Integration is fully deployed and supports all object types in Kentico 10, enabling you to quickly and easily move objects between environments.