Kenshoo Marketing Platform Announces Google Cloud Integration

Mar 19, 2019

Kenshoo, a provider of marketing technology, announced a new partnership with Google Cloud Platform and Data Studio to seamlessly enable marketers to integrate and unify their marketing and other organizational data.

Data silos create significant hurdles for meaningful data analysis and decision-making; organizations seeking to mine their data for actionable insights need access to all their data in a central location to streamline accurate analysis and measurement. Kenshoo’s new integration simplifies the process of rapidly integrating troves of marketing and business signals, unifying them with organizational data from across the enterprise, such as order management, inventory, shipping, and logistics.

By leveraging Kenshoo’s integration with Google Cloud, marketers can import all their marketing data into the cloud and take full advantage of AI, machine learning, and data visualization capabilities, creating a powerful solution that delivers actionable intelligence for the entire organization. Additionally, with just two clicks, marketers can import their marketing data from Kenshoo into Google Data Studio to create unified visualizations of performance, customer journeys, and more. The streamlined flow of these previously time-constrained and disparate processes will allow for quicker and more holistic decision-making around marketing investments, audiences, and products.

Kenshoo has a rich history of integrations and partnerships with industry-leading technologies to deliver marketers the advanced capabilities required to match their needs and remains committed to exploring opportunities as they arise.

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