Kenshoo Launches Creative Manager

Sep 15, 2016

Kenshoo, a provider of agile marketing solutions, unveiled Creative Manager at dmexco 2016. Creative Manager enables Kenshoo clients to manage, format, sequence, and optimize creative assets for leading rich media ads on Kenshoo’s cross-publisher platform. Kenshoo says its clients can use Creative Manager to streamline and improve their visually-rich advertising, including a wide range of top ad types that leverage video and static images. Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use Creative Manager at launch, and in the months ahead Kenshoo will extend creative manager to support other top publishers and ad types.

Creative Manager speeds up asset creation and transfer between the brand and marketing teams, enables campaign-specific tagging and organization, delivers cross-publisher automated sequencing controls, and performs optimization and templating functions. Marketers leverage four core Creative Manager components:

  • Creative Library: persistent, cloud-based, and searchable asset storage management syncs creative resources from the brand team for easy access by marketing
  • Creative Templates: content-driven smart-cropping and template overlay support enables quick layering of brand and offer content on creative, easing the burden on brand teams
  • Creative Collections: marketing-defined asset organization to automatically control rich media sequencing across publishers
  • Creative Optimization: Kenshoo optimization algorithms ensure the best rich media content populates the right social ad formats and reaches the best audiences

Kenshoo has partnered with technology and media companies that offer capabilities to create or enhance clients’ creative assets. Cloudinary brings its cloud-based enterprise media management to Kenshoo. IdomooInnovid, and Magisto offer rapid video creation, personalization and interactivity to Kenshoo clients. Precise cognitive algorithms from Persado and Boost Media’s international teams of expert copywriters both have their roles to play in optimizing the client’s offer language, which is often crucial to the success of any creative campaign.