Kenshoo Announces Holiday Performance Program for Advertisers and Agencies

Jul 26, 2016

Kenshoo, a provider of agile marketing solutions, announced the launch of its 2016 Holiday Performance Program. The program aims to help retail and e-commerce marketers improve performance according to specific advertising criteria relevant to the client's business. According to Kenshoo, previous program participants saw revenue increases of over 30% during the holiday season.

The 2016 Holiday Performance Program, led by Kenshoo Success Advisors, promises to help advertisers optimize the effectiveness of their increased spend by:

  • Assessing client-specific diagnostics to determine how well various ad formats perform relevant to the client's audiences
  • Delivering educational sessions focused on best practices for driving performance
  • Creating strategic guidelines for optimal execution during the holiday season

Agencies have a different set of needs as they craft a diverse set of approaches with their clients. Kenshoo's program offers specialized segment reviews with agencies to enable more informed decisions about which ad formats may be optimal for each segment.