KeepMedia Launches Digital Content Archive

Aug 01, 2003

KeepMedia, Inc. has launched its content service delivering current and archived content from approximately 140 magazines and newspapers in one location. The company was founded in January 2002 by Chairman Louis Borders, also founder of Borders Books and Webvan, and CEO Doug Herrington, formerly VP of Marketing at Webvan.

For $4.95 a month, KeepMedia provides subscribers with unlimited access to all magazine and newspaper archives in the system. KeepMedia also sells print subscriptions for its publisher partners. A set of KeepMedia's publisher partners are also co-marketing the offer on their sites. At launch, KeepMedia features approximately 140 magazine and newspaper titles from a variety of publishers, including: BusinessWeek Online, Esquire, Family Circle, Inc. Magazine, Kiplinger's, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, and U.S.News & World Report.