Kazeon Announces OEM Agreement with NetApp; Announces New Server

Oct 14, 2005

Kazeon, a provider of information classification and management solutions for the enterprise, has announced it has signed an OEM, development, and marketing agreement with Network Appliance, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Kazeon and NetApp will integrate the data classification and search capabilities of Kazeon's Information Server with Network Appliance storage systems. Additionally, NetApp will resell Kazeon's Information Server as part of a jointly marketed solution.

Kazeon has also announced the general availability of the Kazeon Information Server IS1200. The IS1200 delivers data classification, storage search, and automated file management services in an integrated information management appliance. Kazeon's technology can leverage advanced indexing, search, and storage management technologies to provide enterprises with unified visibility and consistent control of their distributed files. The IS1200 is an integrated appliance that catalogs shared files, classifies, and indexes information based on the business value of the file content and provides information management services such as search, information profile reports, file tagging, and data movement.

Key features of the IS1200 include: Storage Search--Kazeon's search technology is optimized for crawling and indexing large, distributed file environments. An IS1200 cluster can be configured to support search and discovery across hundreds of millions of files with less than 5% storage overhead; Content-aware Data Classification--the IS1200 can leverage file content along with metadata and file system attributes to classify information based on business value. The IS1200 recognizes more than 350 common file types such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF. The system can also be tailored to recognize any number of custom file and metadata formats through the use of custom extraction rules; Policy-based Management--the IS1200 uses classification data to drive a range of data management services including file tagging, copy/move/delete commands, and setting retention or encryption policies on supported devices. All actionable services can be automated through scheduled services or interactively through the search and reporting user interface. An IS1200 can be set up to move files with sensitive information to encrypted storage or copy valuable corporate records into a WORM device with the appropriate retention settings.

(www.kazeon.com; www.netapp.com)