Kazeon Announces New Products

Sep 29, 2006


Kazeon, a provider of unstructured information management, has announced new products. The IS1200-ECS is a product to integrate content-aware indexing, classification, search, reporting, and migration to address compliance, data privacy, and security challenges. The IS1200-ECS includes accelerator templates for healthcare, financial services, high tech manufacturing and data privacy. Accelerator templates are designed to enable customers to mitigate risk for specific regulatory and business requirements such as HIPAA, SEC 17a-4, SOX, and the PCI data security standard. Additionally, the IS1200-ECS supports information extraction from files in the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format standard.

The IS1200-SA is optimized for indexing and searching backup stores and corporate archives. It can support a range of applications from legal discovery to file recovery and archive search. The IS1200-SA delivers a full text search capability that supports flexible entity extraction along with proximity and parametric searches supporting different file formats. In addition to MS Office and PDF files, the IS1200-SA can search through email and .PST files. Optional integration with the Google Search Appliance is designed to enable customers to issue a single search query and see the combined search results in a single screen. The Kazeon Information Server IS1200-ECS and IS1200-SA models will be available next month.