KazTrix Releases KazTrix AI Agent Application

Dec 20, 2002

KazTrix Corporation has released KazTrix AI Agent Application, a Windows program that uses artificial intelligence to add power and entertainment value to information management. KazTrix AI Agent builds artificial software agents that are trained by the user to gather, store, and retrieve information. As these agents interact with the user and manage more user data, they learn how to manage information more effectively. KazTrix agents can collect information from emails, Web sites, and any text files and add it to their brain power. In addition, you can import information into your KazTrix agents, or teach them to answer individual questions. With its text-to-speech capabilities, the KazTrix agents can research your questions and read the answers aloud to you. You can clone your agents and email them to other people. These mailable agents are stored in a single file that requires no additional software to run. Since the agents have your permissions hard-coded in them, you are in control of what the receiver can or cannot do with the information that you send them. KazTrix AI Agent runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, costs $29.95(US), and may be purchased online. You can also download a free, fully-functional trial version.