KartOO Launchese UJIKO

May 11, 2004

The Kartoo Company, publisher of the meta-search engine with visual display interfaces, KartOO, has announced the official release of its UJIKO search tool. Based on a customization system, the search engine UJIKO was developed with Flash technology and offers memorization and filtering functions which are intended to enable users to easily customize the engine. UJIKO developed a technology to customize results from its search engine. When a user clicks on one of the results, the page is stored by UJIKO and will instantly appear in the first results next time they search. Users can choose which site will be first with the heart-grade or, on the contrary, filter the ones they dislike. All sites can be modified: title, description, and heart grade will be memorized and displayed during another query. Finally, users can create filters to mark or delete some results depending on their addresses (URL) or description.

(http://www.kartoo.com), (http://www.ujiko.com)