Kapost Launches Resource Kit for Marketers’ People and Processes Challenges

Oct 11, 2018

Kapost, partner to marketers building their content operation, launched its tools for content operations. This resource kit includes the Content Operations Self-Assessment and Workshop Facilitation Cards.

In addition to Kapost’s platform to support marketing teams, Kapost created its tools for content operations to help these teams solve the people and process challenges of content creation and management. The tools for content operations are based on the collective experience and insights from Kapost’s marketing and services teams, who over years identified patterns and similarities in the obstacles their customers faced at midmarket and enterprise organizations.

A content operation is the people, processes, and technology involved in planning, creating, distributing and analyzing marketing content. Within a content operation, the processes that govern the customer journey enable people to have visibility and collaborate effectively during the content lifecycle.

The tools in detail are:

  • A 10-minute Content Operations Self-Assessment that benchmarks the current state of an organization’s content operation and identifies the root causes of present challenges. The results provide in-depth analysis and actionable next steps to improve the maturity of the content operation.
  • The Workshop Facilitation Cards is a downloadable card deck of activities and conversation prompts to break down silos and facilitate discussions that help frame how an organization approaches their content operation.

These tools are inspired by lessons learned from the content operation workshops Kapost delivers for customers who are investing in building and managing their content operation.

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