Kamoon Acquires Actionbase

Mar 07, 2003

Kamoon Inc., a software provider of management solutions, has announced the acquisition of privately-held software company ActionBase, a provider of project and process execution management software. The ActionBase product will be incorporated into the Kamoon Connect suite of expertise management solutions, under the product name of Connect Actions. Connect Actions will allow organizations to manage execution across organizational boundaries through "virtual communities" formed around projects, meetings, or other business activity. The acquisition expands the Kamoon Connect solution by enabling knowledge workers to track results, tasks, decisions, and action items that flow from the knowledge sharing process. After the acquisition, Kamoon Connect now has the capabilities to: identify "experts" based on what people have actually done as well as what they have written; support ad-hoc teams as well as formal teams and communities; support knowledge exchange in the context of knowledge worker processes; and create re-usable knowledge about processes as well as questions and answers.