Kaltura Unveils End-to-End OTT TV Solution

Sep 09, 2014

Kaltura, a video technology company, unveiled Kaltura OTT TV, its next-generation, end-to-end pay OTT TV solution. The result of integrating pay OTT technology from the company's recent acquisition of Tvinci with Kaltura's video platform, Kaltura OTT TV is an advanced and comprehensive pay OTT solution on the market today. It includes advanced monetization, social and personalization features; innovative tools for improving user acquisition and retention; and multi-screen, multi-device support.

The monetization tools allow different business models to be used simultaneously, providing service providers flexibility. The tools support server-side and native ad insertion technology for live and VOD content, in-app purchases, a range of payment options, and discounts for introducing friends. DRM support provides content protection.

By allowing each viewer in the household to set up an individual profile, the service delivers a personalized experience. Kaltura OTT TV provides a consistent cross-device experience that allows users to take their favorite content wherever they go and interact between screens with TV control, and synched second-screen metadata.

The new social features allow users to log in to their TV service using Facebook to engage with friends and receive recommendations based on what their community is watching.