Kaltura Launches Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS)

May 19, 2016

Kaltura, a video technology provider, announced the launch of the Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS), a specialized cloud video service, enabling organizations to build and rapidly deploy any video application, workflow, and experience. Kaltura VPaaS lets SaaS providers, integrators, in-house teams in large organizations, and developers everywhere to quickly add video capabilities and integrate video as a native data type into existing platforms and workflows by leveraging the Kaltura APIs, SDKs, and developer tools for their specific needs.

Kaltura VPaaS is infrastructure-agnostic and is available immediately as a public, private, or hybrid cloud deployment. Developers can get started right away by opening a developer account. Kaltura is offering a disruptive Free Tier of $400 worth of services per month for the first year.

Kaltura VPaaS applies the same principles of and advantages of PaaS, specifically designed for handling video at scale, easily:

  • Putting Developer Experience First:VPaaS is API centric, adhering to the concepts of microservices, VPaaS allows for frictionless integration and automation through atomic cloud services, automatically updated SDKs, docs and developer tools to simplify prototyping and scaling of workflows without compromising flexibility to control and optimize.
  • Worry-Free Scalability:With the infrastructure and platform layers taken care of, developers are left to focus on their core business and never worry about the pipes, without compromising security and management simplicity.
  • Future Proof and Backward Compatible: VPaaS also remains reliable to integrated applicationsacross version upgrades, architecture changes or addition of new features.
  • One Platform, Multi-tenant:Shared management of many unrelated accounts on a single deployment, providing the tools to manage white-labelaccounts, automate setup, and configuration, all through API.
  • Open and Platform Agnostic:Independent of the underlying operating system or infrastructure, VPaaS runs on any cloud, encouragingextensibility and fostering standards while harnessing the power of community through collaboration, tools to share code recipes, best practices and quickly learn from practices across industries.