Kaltura Integrates with Stripe

Nov 17, 2016

Kaltura, a video technology provider, announced that it has integrated Kaltura OTT TV with global commerce platform, Stripe. Kaltura OTT TV supports multiple business models including transactions, subscriptions, advertising, and freemium, while Stripe enables businesses to securely accept payments online and in mobile apps in over 130 currencies, in addition to alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Adding support for Stripe means that OTT providers using Kaltura can streamline the online checkout process for their audiences, helping to improve conversion rates, and increase revenues. By adopting a smart monetization model using Kaltura OTT TV, any media company, broadcaster, or telco can charge customers directly, relying on one or more business model: ad-based, freemium, subscriptions, one-time transactions, coupons and more.

By using Stripe, Kaltura says OTT providers can reduce fraud, scale faster, and receive detailed analytics. Kaltura’s modular backend system allows users to combine Stripe with other billing services such as billing via app stores and using home-grown billing systems.