Kaltura Adds Interactive Video Quizzing Tool

Mar 03, 2016

Kaltura, a video technology provider, announced that it has developed and fully integrated an Interactive Video Quizzing tool into its platform. This will allow educational institutions, corporate training teams, and anyone else using videos for learning and training to add interactive quizzes to Kaltura video workflows for the purpose of enhancing feedback and assessment during video-based learning.

Available immediately, it is a no-cost tool that is now included in all existing and future Kaltura MediaSpace and Kaltura Application Framework-based products, which include Kaltura's LMS integrations.

Kaltura's Interactive Video Quizzing tool allows content creators to define questions and responses that appear at designated points in a video experience, which can serve as:

  • An ungraded self-check for understanding;
  • An assessment of understanding of video content;
  • An assessment of mastery of a concept with video prompts;
  • A survey tool to poll viewers;
  • A method to assess video quality.

The tool lets the content creator decide whether the quiz is graded or ungraded, whether the correct answers and score are revealed to viewers, and whether there are hints available. Kaltura's existing reporting tools allow instructors to see how viewers responded to each question, individually and in aggregate.