K4Connect Introduces Next Generation Content Creation, Management, and Publishing Solution for Senior Living

Feb 27, 2018

K4Connect, a mission-centered technology company creating solutions that serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, announced the availability of its groundbreaking Content Management Module (CMM), an optional add-on to its flagship connected-life solution, K4Community – built specifically for senior living community residents, staff, and operators. The K4Community CMM content creation, management and publishing platform will rchange the way senior living communities create, manage, and share content, while improving resident access to real-time events and information.

K4Community says the new CMM solution provides a modern approach to content management and is poised to disrupt current content creation, digital signage, in-room TV, and print solutions. The CMM is a "build once, publish everywhere" cloud solution, ultimately reducing the costs of using multiple systems. Moreover, the CMM's modern deployment model allows communities to turn any TV into a "smart TV" by using WiFi, ultimately removing the traditional requirements of wired solutions.

For community marketing and activity leaders, the CMM allows for content creation, management, and distribution directly through K4Community, versus using multiple platforms to complete each task, saving community staff both time and money. The CMM includes a flexible templating engine, robust content scheduling, and a broad selection of "live content" which automatically updates events, weather, news, and much more. This approach also allows for marketing collateral to be streamlined across all communities and media, re-enforcing brand guidelines, ensuring consistent and accurate messaging, and accelerating publishing time – no matter how many communities an operator has spread across the country.