K-AMP Audio Services Re-Names Audiocasting Service

Oct 24, 2006

K-AMP Audio Services has renamed and improved its audiocasting service K-AMP Player, now known as Blogamp. Along with the new brand, updated tools and delivery features have been added.

Audiocasting with Blogamp combines a customizable Flash user interface for on-demand listening with expanded ecommerce link options and MP3 download links in one place. Advanced users have the ability to import their own RSS feeds and add them to Blogamp's link bar, as well as the ability to syndicate and embed to blogs, social network profiles (like MySpace) and other sites with the html code options available. Blog posts have also been enhanced with Blogamp's "Single-Play" feature.

Blogamp has been in testing mode for the last month with over 500 participating beta testers. Blogamp will allow the next 500 users to try the service until November 10th, when the fee-based hosted service will go into effect.