Justsystems Announces xfy Enterprise Solution for IBM DB2 9

Aug 01, 2006

Justsystems Corporation, an independent software provider in Japan, has announced that xfy Enterprise Solution for IBM DB2 9, an XML information solutions builder, is being made available in a trial version prior to the general release of the product scheduled for later this year. This downloadable package is made available to developers, system integrators, and enterprise customers to use without license charges for a three-month trial period.

xfy Enterprise Solution allows organizations to build and deploy solutions by using xfy visual tools and interfaces, smart XML vocabulary handling, and by separating the visual presentation from logic. The visual presentation is controlled by the end users who can customize it according to their individual information needs. When combined with IBM DB2 Express-C, Justsystems' xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 9 offers: visual design of XML information to meet the needs of individual users; unlimited compounding and nesting of XML vocabularies; and database application creation and operation.

(www.justsystem.com; www.xfy.com)