JustSystems Launches Campaign for XBRL Success

May 06, 2008

JustSystems, an independent software vendor in Japan and a leader in XML and information management technologies, announced its campaign to help organizations adopt XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), the XML-based standard for communicating financial and business information. The campaign will include JustSystems XBRL solutions for regulatory filing, financial analysis, and document integration; availability of an XBRL Survival Guide; and an upcoming Webinar with CFO Magazine.

JustSystems also announced that it has contributed intellectual property rights of the "formatting linkbase," which enables formatted rendering of XBRL information. XBRL will establish a common language for electronically communicating business and financial data. Under the terms of this contribution, the XBRL formatting linkbase patents held by JustSystems will not be asserted. JustSystems will maintain invention rights, but the intellectual property and all documentation can be applied freely by the developer.