JustSystems Aids Content Creation With XMetaL Review & Collaboration Platform

Jun 22, 2007

JustSystems Inc., a global enterprise software company, has announced its XMetaL Review & Collaboration Platform and Services for XML and web-based content creation, review, and approval. The combination of business consulting services and the technology platform is designed for help in migrating to a topic-based process to ensure compliance of content. With XMetaL Review & Collaboration, a typical engagement starts with a Workflow Audit performed by document workflow and structured content consultant. JustSystems’ consultants will provide services to: assess current workflow and processes; develop a transformation plan for migrating to topic-oriented content lifecycle management; make technology recommendations; estimate ROI; and prepare for organizational change. This consulting model is designed to enable companies to migrate to topic-based review and collaboration for critical content. With the platform, reviewers and approvers can use a web-based interface to discuss and comment on content; authors can capture comments from multiple reviewers and retain an audit trail of changes. JustSystems consultants will also provide full system implementation services, configuration, customization, integration with content management systems (CMS), content analysis and design, and training. JustSystems’ XMetaL Review & Collaboration Platform and Services are available immediately.