Jupiter Research Looks at Paid Listings Vendors

Oct 31, 2003

Jupiter Research, a division of Jupitermedia Corporation, has announced the results of its latest Jupiter Research Constellation ranking, in which Overture outpaced Google with the best solution for paid listings, based on a strong feature set and the best management interface.

The report, "Paid Listing Vendor Constellation: Ranking the Leaders" is Jupiter Research's first paid search vendor rankings based on the Jupiter Research Constellation, a proprietary vendor evaluation tool aimed at business executives who need to make technology decisions. The report is part of Jupiter Research's Online Search service, a syndicated research service dedicated to the burgeoning area of Internet-based search.

Jupiter Research evaluated major vendors in the paid search space including Overture, Google, Primedia's Sprinks, and FindWhat.com/Lycos, in an effort to identify the leading paid listings vendors and help digital marketing professionals in their vendor selection process. The report also details paid listings usage patterns of marketers with both large and small media budgets. The complete findings of this report are immediately available to Jupiter Research clients online.