Juniper Networks Teams with Access Management Companies to Expand Secure Extranet Access; Delivers SSL VPN Solution with SAML Support

Jun 29, 2004

Juniper Networks, Inc. has announced that it is working with access management companies to ensure interoperability between their products and its new Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-enabled SSL VPN solutions. Juniper Networks has also announced that its NetScreen Secure Access appliances have integrated the SAML standard.

Juniper Networks is using the SAML standard to integrate with access management products from Entrust, Inc., IBM, Netegrity, Inc., Oblix, OpenNetwork Technologies, Inc., and RSA Security Inc. The companies are promoting standards-based architectures that are designed to enable seamless sharing of security information across organizations and heterogeneous access management architectures, which can result in lower overall cost of ownership of secure extranet deployments. The increased adoption of access management solutions makes SAML integration important for SSL VPN vendors because SAML defines an XML-based framework for exchanging security information in a standards-based manner. Juniper Networks SSL VPN appliances communicate with access management products via the SAML standard to assert and enforce the authentication and authorization information stored, thereby eliminating the need to distribute and maintain software agents or to replicate resources in a demilitarized zone DMZ.

Juniper Networks' NetScreen Secure Access appliances now integrate the SAML standard and interoperate via standards-based interfaces to administer authentication, authorization, and single sign-on (SSO) policies stored in corporate directories. By offering standards-based authentication and authorization assertions within the NetScreen Secure Access SSL VPN product family, Juniper Networks intends to enable customers to simplify the deployment of trusted environments through centralized policy stores, and provides investment protection for customers with existing identity and access management solutions. The integration of SAML support allows the NetScreen Secure Access appliances to communicate with products in the IAM arena, including those of Oblix, a developer of identity-based security solutions. Through a joint commitment and certification testing, Oblix and Juniper Networks can provide customers with a verified interoperable solution set for enterprise identity management and Web access control. The NetScreen Secure Access SSL VPN products can now facilitate Web Single Sign On (SSO) and authorized access via SAML assertions to the central directory store without the need for distributed software agents, replication of resource policies, or the replication of application software.