JumpTap Launches Hosted Program

Jan 20, 2006

JumpTap, Inc., has announced the launch of a hosted Keyword Sales Program for the wireless industry, designed to enable mobile operators to tap into new revenue streams from third parties, such as advertisers and content providers. The JumpTap mobile search solution is designed specifically to address the needs and preferences of mobile device users. JumpTap's Keyword Sales Program allows mobile operators to leverage the potential of performance-based marketing by bringing turnkey, Pay-per-Click, and Pay-per-Call programs to mobile handsets. JumpTap's Program handles the entire operation for mobile ads and inventory from advertiser management to billing and collections. JumpTap sends mobile operators a check every month as a share of the sponsored links and calls, which occur on the operators' networks.

The JumpTap hosted solution for Mobile Search includes: the Keyword Sales Program, where JumpTap delivers targeted, keyword-based ads and content to mobile users searching for goods and services. Available as Pay-per-Click and Pay-per-Call, the program pays carriers for user-selected sponsored links. It includes an auction system for keywords, advertiser support services, and mobile ad inventory built by JumpTap; a Search Engine Designed for Mobile, so the search engine provides relevant results for mobile content, aggregating a wide variety of carrier-approved content from within the walled garden and carrier WAP portal, as well as out-of-garden content from WAP sites and Web sites. User-aware and location-aware, the search engine indexes carrier content databases and leverages carrier network assets, with a hosted offer designed to reduce implementation time; and a User Interface, available in WAP or as a Java application, JumpTap's carrier-branded user interface is intuitive for mobile phones. It features query entry, navigation, and use of limited mobile device screen space. The user interface uses suggestions to speed query entries.