JotSpot Launches JotSpot 2.0

Jul 25, 2006


JotSpot, an application wiki company, has announced the immediate availability of JotSpot 2.0, the next-generation of its wiki application platform. JotSpot 2.0 gives users the ability to collaborate on all types of information. JotSpot 2.0 provides new "page types" designed to help users create collaborative calendars, spreadsheets, file repositories, documents, and photo galleries.

New features of JotSpot 2.0, include: pre-defined page types; spreadsheets, which are integrated in the wiki as a page type, include support for formulas, the ability to wrap text in a cell, copy and paste support, and the ability to ‘shift-click' to select a range of cells; the ability for users to configure the color scheme of their wikis and add logos without learning a markup language like HTML or CSS; new link picker gives users the ability to create links to pages inside and outside of the wiki and to documents within the wiki; a permissions model which gives users complete control over who sees what information; and the ability for users to make pages entirely private, shared among invited users, or make them public.

JotSpot 2.0 is available immediately at the website. Pricing for the hosted service is free for five users/maximum of 10 pages; $9.95/month for 10 users and 100 pages; $24.95/month for 25 users and 300 pages; $69.95/month for unlimited users and 1000 pages; and $199.95/month for unlimited users and unlimited pages.