Joomla! Framework Launches

Dec 11, 2013


Joomla, an open source content management systems (CMS), announced the immediate availability of the Joomla Framework. This new initiative enables developers to more easily combine features from the Joomla Framework with features from other open source frameworks as they custom-build their own app or CMS.

Like the Joomla CMS, the Joomla Framework is free and open source software. Some of the Joomla Framework code was originally developed for the Joomla CMS, which is used to manage content for more than 3% of all websites.

Some features of the Joomla Framework include a set of lightweight, independent feature-specific packages; the power of established tools for handling dependency management issues (Composer) and providing easy integration with a variety of other packages (Packagist); a framework that is easy to adapt and extend.

Since the Framework is separate from the Joomla CMS, developers do not need to install the Joomla Framework to use the CMS. Conversely, developers do not need to install the Joomla CMS to use the Framework.