Jive Software’s Wildfire Enables Chat With Public IM Systems

Nov 03, 2006

Jive Software has announced a new version of its open source Wildfire server. The product allows users to communicate with anyone employing public proprietary IM networks, including Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and ICQ. Wildfire 3.1 features public gateway support to enable companies to broaden IM communications among their customers.

Wildfire 3.1 is an upgrade to Jive Software's Wildfire 3.0 open source enterprise IM server. Public gateways are incorporated into Wildfire 3.1 via an application plug-in, an administration benefit over most XMPP (Jabber) systems that require configuring each external component independently. Also, the plug-in model gives the gateways access to the server, which enables features like dynamic changes to users' rosters.

Wildfire 3.1 and the public gateways plug-in can be downloaded from Jive Software's website. Wildfire Open Source 3.1 with public gateways is free. Wildfire Enterprise 3.1, a plug-in that delivers features to the core Open Source product, also archives the public gateway communication and is priced by number of user seats. Jive Software is now offering Wildfire Enterprise at a reduced price-point for small and mid-sized businesses.

(www.jivesoftware.org; www.jivesoftware.com)