Jive Software’s Clearspace X Enables Companies to Create and Manage External Communities

May 15, 2007

Jive Software has launched Clearspace X, a special edition of Clearspace for companies interested in creating productive and engaging online communities for their customers and partners. Using Clearspace X, companies can create public-facing communities, designed to enable users to share information and ideas with each other via discussions, structured wiki documents, moderated blogs, and even files (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF). With Clearspace X, Jive’s customers can stay connected to external communities through email, instant messaging, and RSS feeds. Companies can set controls on community participation like content permissions or discussion moderation. In addition, community members can see if other members are online and contact each other in real-time with Jive Software’s Openfire RTC server.

Additional Clearspace X features include: a customizable user interface and theme support; the ability to upload rich media files into blogs, wikis, and forums; a content rating system; a reward system that provides points to users who participate; the ability to edit binary documents like Word and Excel with full versioning, check in/out and approval workflow; threaded discussions, with workflow for questions and answers; support of either wiki-style markup or WYSIWYG editing for documents; tagging; polls and announcements; RSS feeds to aggregate content updates; participation reports; clustering to support high-traffic sites; developer-source, open architecture; and LDAP and Active Directory integration. Clearspace X is available for direct purchase from the Jive Software website. Companies can purchase licenses based on the size of their community or an unlimited site license. Annual fees range from $2,950 for 1,000 users to $19,950 for unlimited users. Hosting services are also available and can be priced upon request.