Jinni Launches Social Recommendations for TV Shows and Movies

Jun 18, 2013

Video content discovery solutions provider Jinni, announced the release of "Watch Together," an effective social discovery feature to recommend content that suits the tastes of more than one viewer. The feature is part of the latest Jinni discovery engine API, and is now available for implementation by the company's global customers and technology partners.

Based on Jinni's unique semantic taste profiling of each user, the engine is able to recommend something to watch that will suit all the household members who want to watch TV or movies together. The new "Watch Together" social discovery feature can also be used to find a group of friends for group watching, either via online social viewing applications or at a movie theater. For example, if you want to go see a particular movie, "Watch Together" can scan all your friends on Facebook and recommend those who are also highly likely to enjoy the movie.