Jibe Incorporates EmpireDRM's Dominion Software into CDN

Mar 28, 2003

EmpireDRM, a provider of Microsoft Windows Media DRM solutions, and Jibe Inc., a software developer of peer-based Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), have announced a strategic partnership in which EmpireDRM will provide a layer of managed security to Jibe's new EdgeBurst Delivery Service to offer entertainment customers protection for all types of distributed content. Entertainment Direct. TV, Inc. (EDTV), which operates as an Internet-based Entertainment Service Provider (ESP) business, has incorporated this new service into its own secure artist portal program as a solution to speed the delivery of media files and protect the digital intellectual property rights of its entertainment clients. Jibe's EdgeBurst software is designed to enable companies such as EDTV to cost-effectively distribute high quality media online. EdgeBurst accelerates download speeds and reduces bandwidth costs by leveraging peers to assist with content delivery. Jibe sells EdgeBurst as licensed software or as a service. EmpireDRM's modular software platform called Dominion offers a secure solution to help prevent the piracy of content and provides a realistic billing solution that captures both user information and secure revenue. This modular software can adapt to customer environments, integrate with multiple credit card processors, and offers a plug-in to existing content delivery or hosting providers' infrastructures. In addition, Dominion locks the digital audio and video content and limits access to those users who have acquired a proper license to play the content whether they get the license from a successful completion of a marketing form or a credit card enabled buy page.

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